Caption Competition!

Over at the FT they\’re having one. They do ask for work safe ones though and I\’m not sure that my entry will be classified as such. So I\’ll add it here just in case.



8 thoughts on “Caption Competition!”

  1. Try to dismember Greek debt by November
    That ton of cash they beg and borrow
    Serial offenders, they’ve been on a bender
    They spent like there was no tomorrow
    Tried to pretend they could endlessly fend off
    The austerity which must surely follow
    But in the end, ah, it’s something they’ll just have to swallow …

    On the agenda of Eurozone members
    To print more cash to make things mellow
    New legal tender in all of its splendour
    “Keep printing !” – hear Tim Geithner bellow
    Who’s the defender of small private lenders ?
    Joe Public is a luckless fellow
    And in the end Euro-promises tend to be hollow …

  2. “That’s it boys! Credit cards, debit cards, put em all in the box. Herr Papandreou needs every penny you can borrow.”

  3. Every time I think that the whole thing is going to implode at last they stave it off for a bit and make the resulting problem that much worse. If they keep this up we could be living in truly revolutionary times because when this hits the fan there’s not going to be anything left to hide behind, we’ve already spent that.

  4. I think Billy Connolly described that difficulty best when he imagined a preparation for middle class ladies called ‘Shiteeze’.

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