Cretinism on housing policy

Property developers are sitting on more than 300,000 plots with planning permission for new homes, undermining the case for controversial government planning reforms.

Campaigners say that the “land banks” are enough for more than two years of house building, meaning there is no need to water down current planning laws.

This really is cretinism.

1) How long does it take to gain planning permission? A couple of years, yes? Thus the builders are being entirely rational in having a couple of year\’s landbank. You\’d expect any business to have a supply of its most important stock, a stock which would cover the time it will take it to gain more of said stock.

2) Prices dimwits. Planning permission is still worth over £100,000 per house in the South. If we want to reduce the price of housing then that\’s the price we\’ve got to reduce. We\’ll do this by issuing more planning permission.

3 thoughts on “Cretinism on housing policy”

  1. The thing that many people miss is that you don’t just have to take the time to build the house into account but all the infrastructure like roads, water, electricity, gas.

    And what no-one can seem to provide is why a house-building company would sit on land costing them money.

  2. My hatred for the Shire Communists squealing for continual land stalinisation is beyond words. Not least because they’re the same people who, having crippled their local economy due to lack of development, expect the rest of us in our urban hutches to pay for their fucking broadband.

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