Cretins Ahoy!

Clyde Loakes, a councillor at Waltham Forest, said the verdict was disappointing.

He said rubbish would continue to be dumped on street corners if businesses did not ensure that their waste was transferred to a licensed contractor.

He said: “Last year we handed out 1,650 fixed penalty notices and carried out almost 100 successful prosecutions for waste offences and this one judgment, while unhelpful, will not deter us from pursuing this type of irresponsible behaviour.”

Now what did this fool do? He and his bureaucratic mates spent £15,000 on prosecuting a company. Said company had given a man a few cardboard boxes, one of which was later found flytipped.

Thus they prosecuted the company for not making sure that their waste went to an approved waste disposal operative.

More importantly, they were striving mightily to make sure that no one could ever reuse material: which is quite insane when you think of it. Material must be \”disposed of\” not, reused by another person.

Take it to the extreme: you may not sell your used car, it must go for disposal by an approved and licensed disposer of cars.

Cretins, but then that\’s bureaucracy for you, people being stupid in offices.

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  1. “Cretins, but then that’s bureaucracy for you, people being stupid in offices.”

    In this case, “in office”.

  2. “After the hearing Mrs Bracey, who has three children and five grandchildren, criticised the council’s spending on the case. She said a successful prosecution could have led to supermarkets and other businesses being banned from giving customers boxes for their own use.”

    I regularly get deliveries with ‘Amazon’ and ‘M&S’ printed on the boxes. If I flytip will the council go after these big conglomerates?

    Or just smaller businesses they think they can bully?

  3. Two points:

    1) The lady should never have admitted giving the boxes away. She could have claimed they were delivered to a customer and therefore not her waste (as in if I throw away a Tesco carrier bag, Tesco isn’t liable for my disposal of it).

    Rule one of dealing with the police (and it goes for all State apparatchiks too), as nobly detailed by NightJack, never admit to anything, even if you think it actually helps your case. They will use it against you if they can.

    2) Does this case have implications for other businesses, or is it a one off? Because up to now the implication has always been that you have to dispose of all surplus material from your business via the waste disposal process. Even if something is of use to someone else you can’t give it away, or even sell it (?). Would the judges comments have any implication for similar cases? Because there’s lots of stuff that businesses might quite like to give away (because they have no use for them) but are prevented from doing so by these stupid waste disposal rules (which actively discourage recycling).

  4. Some years ago, I was in a Wal-Mart superstore at 2AM in search of a number of boxes needed to ship out some goods later that morning.

    I saw a young lady stocking shelves and asked her where I might find their display of boxes for sale. She said, “I’ll show you but you ought to look at some of these I have right here–you’d be welcome to them, free.”

    As I selected what i needed from her empties, I asked whether she mightn’t be going against the store policy or interest. She said management was perfectly happy to see the boxes re-used and customers made happy at saving money.

    Not long afterward, I approached the single tended register, at which about a dozen people, mostly gals, were clumped. I expected quite a wait. At my approach, one woman detached from the bunch and said “I’ll take you at the next register.”

    As she checked me out, I asked “Why aren’t any of those others coming over to get you to check them out?” She told me that, of the dozen or so, only the gal behind the other register was actually “at work” (and that she was engaged in an important conversation regarding her upcoming wedding). She told me there were always a number of employees hanging out by hanging about–as a social focal point, it was a regular practice and one with which management was apparently “OK.”

  5. The money wasted was the equivalent of ten families Band D council tax payments for a year. All wasted because no-one in the council could see the stupidity of taking this business to court.

    You would have thought Cllr Loakes would have made a statement saying he was going to investigate this matter, and ensure it will never happen again.

    He’s a very well house-trained councillor!

    Andrew Allison
    Taxpayers’ Alliance

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