David Copp

Man goes to working fishing harbour with his kids.

Man and kids see dead fish in working fishing harbour.

Man complains to harbourmaster.


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  1. Sigh, indeed.

    Up here in the Lake District, the onset of blue-green algae in Windermere has brought forth demands for signs to be erected all along the accessible parts of the lake shore where dogs may come to harm if they swim in the lake and swallow the water.

    The presence on occasions of the algae and the risk to dogs has been well-reported over the years but one couple visiting from Leeds claimed to know nothing of it after their dog died allegedly from the effects of blue-green algae.

    They claimed to visit up to 15 times a year.

    Signs all along the lake shore. Sigh.

  2. I hope Mr. Copp didn’t attend the birth of his children. Ugh! The NHS should not allow such a disgusting procedure.

  3. There really should be a general principle in both law and Health and Safety that all that should be done is to take into account reasonably informed, vaguely sensible people. That would cut out 90% of the stuff everyone finds so annoying and the response to those who are foolish or ignorant enough to still damage themselves must be that they are responsible for their own actions.

  4. Falco, in what we are repeatedly told are the evil inflexible Napoleonic civil law systems such assumptions are indeed made. For example, a compensation claim will be subject to a test of whether the damage would have occurred to a reasonable person (say, one who didn’t break down a fence to enter a building site) or if a reasonable person having suffered damage could have taken reasonable steps to reasonably mitigate the damage. Obviously there are exceptions for medical patients, the mentally ill, essentially where there is – an entirely reasonable – presumption of an enhanced duty of care or responsibility.

    It is in the common law countries, where some minor court can impose an outrageous decision taking no account at all of what is reasonable, that is then binding on all equal and lesser courts until repealed by statute (or reversed by someone with the money to go to a higher court).

  5. In NZ, there’s been a problem with people moving to the country (buying lifestyle farms) and then complaining about things like their farming neighbours using tractors, or milk trucks coming by at 6 in the morning.

  6. Common law court decisions are not binding on equal courts. Hence County Court decisions establish no precedent whatsoever.

  7. Tracy W – we have the same problem in our English village. Townies move here and immediately start complaining about noise, dirt and smells. We even had one bloke who moved next to the church, school and pub and complained about the bells, school kids making anoise at break, car doors slamming as people left the pub at night – as well as the usual smells, dirt and noise of our two farms.

    As he complained to the Local Education Authority about the school, and I was chairman of governors at the time, I had to deal with him on this point. I met him one-to-one (no witnesses) and read the riot act and told him he’s a t*ss*r. He seemed upset! But he never complained again. These people are either nuts or bullies and the best way to deal with them is to push back very hard and swear a lot!!!

  8. Lucky they didn’t visit our harbour when I was a boy: they’d have seen us thrashing the eels we’d caught on the quay until they were dead. Jolly good for lobster pots, dead eels – or so we told each other. It was just a pity that the nearest pots were many miles away.

  9. Woman goes to lane swimming pool, swims a couple of lengths, then rests at one end of the medium lane.

    Woman is occasionally splashed by a man swimming up and down the lane.

    Woman complains to lifeguard.

  10. I imagine his children are similarly distressed whenever they pass the fish counter at whatever supermarket they shop at.

  11. Coming soon to ITV: _Copp A Load of This!_ Celebrity metrosexual David Copp sends two teams of former _Big Brother_ inmates off to find things that upset them. With Dr Gillian McKeith.

  12. My mother-in-law has kept hold of the farmhouse she grew up in and used to let it as a holiday home. She gave up after receiving a letter from someone who had stayed, complaining that the country lanes had no street lights and the fields were “too bumpy” and would she please arrange to have them rollered.

  13. Now everyone will be floundering around, trying to invent good puns, until you show a little mussel, put the little shrimps back in their plaice and tell them to clam up.

  14. What a chump this “David Copp” is, Fancy taking his kids to the harbor when they hate fish and as for kicking up a stink up as the fish smell? Is this guy for real? I feel sorry for his kids and the boat’s skipper. What will he complain of next? the smell of petrol at the garage or the smell of coffee at Star Bucks. Get a life David Copp, and leave every one else to enjoy there’s.

  15. Has there been any comment in favour of townie David Copp and his inane prattish observations.
    Next time he should take his family hillwalking,where he can find fresh air..unless he stumbles upon a dead and smelly sheep.Who would he complain to then?

  16. I have been to Ilfracombe many times, and I aways feel a sense of glee when I see one of the two trawlers put in to offload their well earned catch.

    David Copps seems to me a bit of a prat! what would you expect when you visist a working harbour? he should had ensured that the tide was out, before he next visits the harbour, so his poor little children dont have to smell and see the sight of dead fish.

    I hope he learns not to complain, the next time this ever happens again, because it won’t be forgotten, as far as Google is concerned

  17. Most people don’t realise just how much noisier than a city the countryside can be in the middle of the night. If you’re not used to it, for example, the sound of a fox shrieking in a copse is very eerie. Bloody townies.

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