Free Heatherington

Apparently there were some crusty student types camping out in part of Glasgow University. Ho hum, hadn\’t heard a peep.

Anyway, they\’re claiming they\’ve won and that this is wonderful for all. One of the things they claim to have proven is:

From day one, our occupation sought to be more than just a protest. Through free lectures, debates and daily meals cooked in the building\’s kitchens, we attempted to demonstrate that there was an alternative model of education – and an alternative model on which to base society – at the heart of a university descending into a neoliberal nightmare.

How excellent, now given that we now know that a university can be run for free, on this alternative, very much not neoliberal, model, that\’s the Scottish Universities budget for the chop then.

Amazing what you can find out from students really, isn\’t it?

6 thoughts on “Free Heatherington”

  1. I also suspect that there’s a good market for a decent cheap university (and I think it could be done well for a third of the typical cost).

    Trouble is, the government-enforced admin from the approval process would almost double the cost.

  2. Of course there is the capital cost of the building to pay for, the rates on the property, the ongoing way that those who give free lectures are remunerated (one cannot live on air alone), the cost of the ingredients of the ‘free’ food, the cost of paying those people who prepare said food, the costs of maintaining the building both in time and material, the power, heating, lighting etc. to have the building fit for habitation particularly in Glasgow, and other associated costs that are not sustainable here except where a larger organisation is effectively funding them.

    When you consider universities are primarily research bodies their theory falls further apart. This might be irony or a paradox – not sure yet.

    I am glad, though, that they had fun playing at being grown ups.

  3. So who paid for the building they were occupying? Who paid for the kitchen, and for all the electricity, water, etc. used there? Not the idiot leftie students, that’s for sure. It was “free” in the sense of “freeloading”.

  4. Unimportant Quibbler

    Churn Rincewind: the “point” of universities, at least higher level ones, might be research, but it’s the teaching that (a) produces the next crop of researchers, (b) enables academics to promote and propagate their knowledge/ideas into wider society, (c) actually funds the research to take place anyway.

    If you don’t want to study at a research-centred institution, there are alternatives such as studying at an FE College or non-university HE institution (we don’t have much in the style of US liberal arts colleges, but we do have a lot of private colleges as well as art schools, for instance)

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