George Osborne and cocaine

As I understand it the allegation is that George took cocaine when a young man.

Umm, yes? Rich young thing about town takes cocaine in 1990s Britain?

That\’s it?


7 thoughts on “George Osborne and cocaine”

  1. There is a problem with someone in public life committing an offence which he ostensibly believes should land people with major prison sentences and effectively disqualify them from public life.

  2. I understood that the resurfacing was the link between Coulson, Osbourne, Bullingdon et al, and that it could be inferred that Coulson was recommended to Cameron for his No 10 job on the basis of a payback for favourable reporting. Nobody should care particularly about private lives @ history, unless (as it seems) that is used to pervert the course of democracy.

  3. I think the PM’s position is more untenable as presumably he can do something about the drug laws, seems to believe other people’s cocaine taking remains a public matter, yet his own a private matter.

    Osborne is only the chancellor, I think it would be too severe to expect him to resign because of a law he doesn’t agree with. Or he might have changed his mind.

  4. There is also quite a big difference between what individual politicians believe the law actually should be and what position they think it is practical (or, more cynically) pragmatic to adopt.

  5. To be honest, I would be more worried about being ruled by someone who had never snorted a line nor toked on a spliff. To have never even tried them shows a lack of curiosity or a strangely sheltered existence or something.

  6. Surreptitious Evil

    Yes, but the boundaries of what is practical/pragmatic will never move unless we get a bit of honesty.

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