Germans as wimps?

Surely the end times are upon us?

As many as 80 members of the Bavarian State Orchestra have refused to join a high-profile tour of Japan due to fears over radiation.

Is there radiation in Japan?

Sure, there\’s radiation everywhere.

Are there dangerous levels of radiation in Japan?

Sure, there\’s plenty of places with dangerous levels of radiation. But as long as you don\’t try and stick your head inside a reactor Japan is no more dangerous than Germany.

In fact, as long as you stay more than a few hundred metres from the damaged plant itself you\’ll almost certainly get a higher radiation does by hiking up an Alp.

Yes, radiation does increase at altitude.

And really, what has the world come to when Germans have become wimps?

11 thoughts on “Germans as wimps?”

  1. What level of scientific knowledge would you expect in a professional orchestra musician? Pretty low.

    The German government who, if they aren’t scientists themselves, have a wide selection of some of the world’s best scientists to advise them, have cancelled their entire fission reactor power programme.

    The hysteria being kicked up in the German media was such that any rational person, without the scientific knowledge to make their own decision, would have assumed that Japan is currently dangerous.

    It’s a classic example of the human inability to make functional risk decisions cravenly abetted by the disaster-focused and greenly-ignorant media. And idiot politicians. But the latter is, frankly, just part of the background noise nowadays.

  2. While it’s probably Too Soon, I liked the comment someone made elsewhere that, since the Welsh mining tragedy had a higher death toll than the Fukushima incident, the Germans were doubtless now going to cancel their coal power programme…

  3. In fact, they’ll get a substantially higher dose just in the flights to and from Japan.

    So they can cancel any trips to anywhere that they can’t drive to. (give or take the death toll on the roads, particulates, CO etc).

    Hey, at least it might stop them invading places. [gets coat]

  4. And really, what has the world come to when Germans have become wimps?

    Reminds me of the joke from the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.
    “What’s happened to the world today? The best golfer is black, the best rapper is white, France is accusing the US of arrogance, and Germany doesn’t want to go to war.”

  5. Siemens is about to quit the nuclear industry

    The move is a response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan in March, chief executive Peter Loescher said.

    He told Spiegel magazine it was the firm’s answer to “the clear positioning of German society and politics for a pullout from nuclear energy”.

    Meanwhile, in Iran

    In ironic fashion we learn that:-

    Started by Germany’s Siemens before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the project was taken over by Russian engineers in the 1990s. Delays fueled speculation that Russia was using the project as a diplomatic lever over Iran.

  6. A decision no doubt made thanks to the bunk information Germany got which caused them to dump nuclear power.

    Well done dolts!

  7. If you spend the night in bed with someone you receive a higher dose of radiation than standing outside the containment vessel of a nuclear reactor for eight hours.

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