Ghastly woman

Dame Fiona Reynolds that is. Here she is talking about the changes in planning law:

This blatant manipulation of numbers is infuriating, and makes it crystal clear who would profit most from the changes.

Lessee, more houses being built means more houses for people to live in. The beneficiaries would therefore be the people who want to live in houses.

And this cow is against people being able to live in houses. Well done.

What she actually means is that builders will make a profit from building these houses that people get to live in. And for a Dame, that would never do would it? Tradesmen, artisans, gaining pelf without the oversight of a Dame?

Preposterous, what has happened to the England of old, eh?

Into the dustbin of history with this scrag-end of the feudal system. Us peasants will decide for ourselves ta very much.

6 thoughts on “Ghastly woman”

  1. 1980-87 Secretary to the Council for National Parks
    1987-92 Assistant Director (Policy), Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE)
    1992-98 Director (CPRE)
    1998-2000 Director of the Women’s Unit, Cabinet Office (civil service post)
    Jan 2001 – present Director-General, the National Trust
    2001-02 Member of the Policy Commission on the Future of Food & Farming (chaired by Sir Don Curry)
    2005 – present Member of the Commission on the Future of Volunteering

    I think that counts as “never had a real job in her life”?

  2. Your persistent highlighting of the underlying motives of the upper classes is superb, Tim. That the likes of the the Guardian and Independent – supposedly the mouthpieces of progressivism – utter not a peep about this shows they are as much in bed with the same upper classes as they claim to despise.

  3. Incredible isn’t it?
    A century of ‘progressive’ politics has replaced a largely hereditary ruling class with a largely hereditary ruling class made up of essentially the same people.

  4. Yes, my thoughts too John Malpas. Is it really a great idea to concrete over Fiona Reynolds parkland when the “housing crisis” is partially fuelled by subsidies from the HCA et al?

    What happens when the nice Polish people currently waitressing and cleaning decide they too would rather rest on their laurels in social housing?

    Invite in some industrious Somalis, build on some more of Fiona’s land, and stick on the taxpayer’s tab?

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