Grammar\’s important, see?



8 thoughts on “Grammar\’s important, see?”

  1. Actually Tim, joke’s on you.
    Both of these should have an apostrophe. One’s a contraction, and one’s ownership.

    It’s only the plural that doesn’t need the apostrophe.


  2. Yeah, what the fuck is that all about? That was like the Black Death level of Muphry’s Law. The school fees my parents didn’t spend because I was a clever clogs and got ’em paid for me are running at about the $450,000 mark right now. jorb, I’ll bung you a fiver if it will help.

  3. jorb is obviously another unwitting victim of the Pinker/Crystal school of English teaching. Unless, of course, he’s a greengrocer, in which case he might be forgiven. Potato’s, anyone?

  4. Jorb: “as to pronouns, all these except the pronoun one dispense with an apostrophe in their possessive case…” Gower’s Plain Words. So please fuck off.

  5. Hang on, morpork, WTF? Both Crystal* and Pinker† are transcendentally brilliant. I think we’re talking at cross-purposes here.

    * Crystal, David yeah?
    † Steven Pinker?

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