Had to be called that, didn\’t it?

A former inmate cook who made the last meals for prisoners at the Huntsville unit, where Texas executions are carried out, wrote a cookbook several years ago after he was released. Among his recipes were Gallows Gravy, Rice Rigor Mortis and Old Sparky\’s Genuine Convict Chili, a nod to the electric chair that once served as the execution method. The book was called Meals To Die For.

4 thoughts on “Had to be called that, didn\’t it?”

  1. It might be different in Texas, but in some US prisons – the federal one in Indiana where Timothy McVeigh was executed, for example – the final meal comes from any local restaurant, with a set budget.

  2. I also read, albeit in a fiction novel which appeared to be well researched, that final meals often go untouched – mainly because folk who know they are about to die tend to lose their appetite.

  3. Probably better the UK doesn’t reintroduce capital punishment.
    The regulations on ‘last meals’ would, no doubt, contain a lengthy appendix on healthy eating guidelines.

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