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If an identifiable Jew from Israel wanders, unguarded, into any part of the Palestinian territories, he is a dead man. This is a fact of life, and everyone knows it. Leftist and Islamist rhetoric about Israeli \”apartheid\” masks a very big truth: that more than a million Muslim Arabs live, work, and move freely around Israel, with full citizenship and protection under Israel\’s laws (enforced by very liberal courts). Whereas, the number of Jews enjoying this status under the Palestinian Authority is zero.

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  1. I tend to have a bit of a “curse on both your houses” attitude on this but one point does stand out for me:

    If you disarmed all the Arabs in the middle east, Israel would probably push for sanctions to try and keep that situation going. If you disarmed all the Israelis, they would very swiftly be dead.

  2. Is it true? I don’t doubt that being a jew in the Palestinian enclaves is risky, but is it true that those territories are absolutely no go areas for Israeli jews. Anybody got any real info on that?

  3. the thing that strikes me as odd is “identifiable Jew”. Unless you are Hasidic or are wearing the cap then it is really not so easy to distinguish Jew from Palestinian. Not all Palestinians wear head-towels.

  4. I remember somebody whose partner is a transexual berating me about how bad Israel was and how the Palestinians were just trying to get by. He probably never considered that were his partner to be Israeli she could potentially represent her country in the Eurovision song contest, whereas if she were Palestinian she could look forward to being brutally murdered. There have even been gay marches in support of the Palestinians’ struggle agains the Israelis, FFS.

  5. diogenes, I’ve only been to Israel once, and a few years ago, but a lot of men were wearing a skullcap (and no, not just Catholic bishops).

    Don’t know if it’s “most” jews, but it certainly seemed pretty normal over there for them to wear it.

  6. Tim –

    There have even been gay marches in support of the Palestinians’ struggle agains the Israelis, FFS.

    Is Palestinian animus towards teh gays relevant? I don’t like homophobes but I don’t think their ideas preclude them from maintaining rights like self-determination, freedom from, er – being bombed et cetera. Life in Mussolini’s Italy may have been nicer than Selassie’s Ethiopia but – and I stress that I’m not trying to draw a parallel but illustrate the general point that providing better social conditions may not mean you’re in the right – that doesn’t mean people should have relaxed over the whole invasion thing.

  7. @BenSix – I see the point you’re making but don’t you find the fact that some people support the side that wants them dead a little peculiar?

  8. Israel is a stable and highly-developed state, while Palestine has the economy and demographics of a third-world-country. Their authorities are simply not able to exercise proper control over their territories. This will greatly increase your chances to die, no matter what kind of foreigner you are – hence one should not blame the “entirety of Palestinians”.

  9. Martin @11 implies that when countries were handed out the Israelis got their one in a box marked “Top of the Range Luxury Nation-State – Just add water & watch it grow.” whereas the Palli’s came out the bargain bin Economy Range.
    States are the people that comprise them. If a country’s ‘third world’ it’s because the people are third world, not the geography.

  10. States are the people that comprise them.

    And the people around them, and the people who rule them. Unless you’re prepared to argue that, say, the East Germans or the North Koreans were/are inferior to their one-time countrymen it’s not a simple question of “you get what you deserve”.

  11. Unimportant Quibbler

    The Samaritans actually count themselves as Palestinians – but there aren’t very many of them left. Nevertheless it is clearly possible for at least some Jews to live and work among the Arab Palestinians.

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  13. Oh, its so been so long since I’ve been drunk enough to rage at naked racism. I feel all warm inside now that I’ve read your post and comments and decided that your blog is utterly beyond any reasoned argument I could think of, despite my prodigous brainpower.

    No. Instead I’ll just observe that the Israelis have recently been caught declaring that any attempt by Palestinians to have Israeli terrorism prosecuted by international law will be treated as an act of war.
    Get that?
    Israeli terrorism.
    Palestinians seeking justice from the ICC.
    = Act of war.
    Orwell would be just giddy right now if he knew.

  14. @bloke in spain: Well, just look at the subsidies (mainly by the UK and US) that let to the founding of Israel. Additionally many Jews setting up the state came from highly developed countries and were well-educated. So people and country had much better chances to become first-world than the Palestinians ever had.

  15. I think Israel is ultimately doomed. Unless it can develop a special relationship with China as strong as the one its had with the USA. Which seems unlikely.

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