Loaf of bread \’as salty as seawater\’

That\’s good then.

The figures, compiled by the Consensus Action on Salt & Health (Cash) campaign group, came after the Department of Health announced bread accounts for more salt in our diet than any other food, making up almost a fifth of our daily intake.

So bread is around and about as salty as human beings then and is a good way for us to ingest this absolutely vital nutrient.

How nice of them to do the research, eh?

14 thoughts on “Loaf of bread \’as salty as seawater\’”

  1. But not apparently salty enough.
    I eat plenty of bread but still ran into trouble with salt deficiency last month. Tired, headaches, dizzyness.
    It’s hot here & you sweat a lot & I’ve never been an autocondimenter* (*TM Terry Pratchet). Too little salt’s a serious problem. I went on to teaspoon a day & feel much better.
    I can’t help wondering if some of the folk complaining of that chronic tiredness syndrome that’s become fashionable aren’t just short of salt. It seems commoner amongst people who buy into this health fanaticism.

  2. “Consensus Action on Salt & Health”

    What consensus?

    The body needs salt. Unless you are ill excess salt is not a problem but too little salt is damaging to even healthy people.

  3. Junkfood Science had a long look at salt intake warnings several years ago. Her post is here. Basically, warnings about salt levels are bunk, much like warnings about the recommended number of alcohol units.

  4. Even if you accept that “too much” salt is bad for you (which I don’t) surely this might only be a problem if you eat half-a-dozen loaves a day, rather than the usual few slices.

  5. It’s that word, “Concensus”, that gives the game away. Concensus =We are believers and we will harrass and denigrate anyone who disagrees with us.

  6. Bread as salty as seawater – Total bollocks.

    1 kg of
    – a typical white loaf contains 11g of salt.
    – seawater contains ~35g of salt.
    – ready salted crisps contains 15g salt*

    * Some brands of crisps use both Sodium & potassium salts complicating the comparison…

  7. Unless you are suffering from renal insufficiency the amount of salt you need to ingest to be harmful is staggering. No normal person consumes that much salt because the food would be unpalatable. It would be like having a nice refreshing mug of soy sauce.

  8. You are all in denial. Clearly you put salt on your chips etc not because you like the taste but because the big salt companies tell you to. Free will is an illusion, unless you are a civil servant.

  9. But the Nile doesn’t get particularly salty until you get quite away up the delta?

    Sorry, hat, coat, etc.

  10. Besides, the proposed reduction in salt levels render bread tasteless almost to the point of being offensive.


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