Modern mothers \’better cooks than their mothers\’

No, the evidence presented does not prove what you assert.

Modern mothers are much more adventurous in the kitchen and can prepare 25 per cent more dishes than their mothers, research suggests.

Being able to cook more things is not the same as being able to cook better.

I, for example, am a lousy cook and I\’m a lousy cook at cooking everything from spag bog through to pheasant in port and cream sauce. I\’m terrible at many more than 25 different dishes.

My father has perhaps four recipes and at at least two of them (his bread and his baked apples) he is an excellent cook.

Variety is not necessarily a signal of excellence.

9 thoughts on “Modern mothers \’better cooks than their mothers\’”

  1. My maternal grandmother was an outstanding cook, and a talented dressmaker. She had two daughters, one was taught how to cook, one was taught how to make dresses. Of course, I was born to the dressmaker and, if I’m honest, I’m still kinda bitter about that.

  2. >Modern mothers are much more adventurous in the kitchen


    Why can’t it be the bedroom?

    Tim adds: Oh, they are, they are: it’s just that they do the adventuring before they get married these days.

  3. On the other hand, my grandma was terrible at cooking a very limited range of dishes. My father once said to me that if he saw a restaurant advertising “food like mother used to cook”, he would feel slightly nauseous.
    Now she is no longer with us, I am confident in believing that the average quality of cooking by mothers has gone up.

  4. Even the Great Wiseone figured this one out, before she got to the end of the article – wider variety of products, better quality products, access to TV chef’s, people travelling more…..

    As she pointed out, when she first started cooking all you had access to was meat and two veg, the quality of said veg being dependent on the quality of the harvest that year.

    This just points to yet more benefits of globalisation and the growth of supermarkets.

  5. “Variety is not necessarily a signal of excellence.”

    “Well, that would be a market system, wouldn’t it? That’s what markets actually do. In pursuit of profit entrepreneurs will attempt various different new combinations of available resources in pursuit of some goal which they believe some segment of the population would like. Thus a market based system will provide our experimentation. And more, because entrepreneurs do in fact look at what others are doing …”

    The quality of your arguments, when i can be bothered to read through the shit, never surprises me.

  6. It seems that modern mothers can cook pretty food like you see in magazines.
    But real mothers/ wives cook real ‘knife and fork’ food that fills the belly. Yes!
    heh heh – from one who knows.

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