More idiocy about the gender pay gap

Women\’s strike

Can you imagine if all the women in the country went on strike at the same time? Well, IT might carry on relatively unperturbed. But the health system would grind to a halt, schools would be emptied, newspapers would go unwritten, and the lack of hairdressers would lead to the worst hair day this country had ever seen.

Er, yes, that is one of the reasons for the gender pay gap.

Occupational segregation.

You\’ve just, in an article bemoaning its existence, given us one of the reasons for its existence.

12 thoughts on “More idiocy about the gender pay gap”

  1. Lets compare that to if all men went on strike – no food, no water, no sewage system, no coal, no oil, no petrol, no gas, no electric.

    I can manage without education, newspapers and a haircut, and I’ll wait in line for whatever male doctors there are. How’s it looking on your side?

  2. Score Two for JuliaM, but hairdressers would starve to death before the lack of them to cut my my hair caused my any problems other than aesthetic ones. The Grauniad has no sense of history – Harald Finehair never cut his hair until he had defeated all otyh claimants to his kingdom.
    Most of my teachers were men, so a women’s strike would have meant I missed school meals – a welcome respite as, even at that age, I could cook better myself.

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