One reason why we might want health care competition

In some areas, patients endured delays of 12 or 15 weeks after GPs decided they needed surgery, even though hospitals could have seen them sooner.

The maximum permitted time between referral and treatment is 18 weeks. In one case a manager said the policy keeps patients in line as “short waiting times also create more demand for treatment due to the expectations this raises”.

If the money follows the patient then the incentive is to treat wherever and whenever there is the ability to treat. There is also an incentive for a treatment centre to get a reputation for short waiting times.

3 thoughts on “One reason why we might want health care competition”

  1. Roger

    I agree that the manager’s attitude stinks but it is aas a result of the objectives he has been set. The target culture created by thre HR industry is responsible for so many of the ills of large corporations. The manager is simply achieving his targets. I can easily imagine that if demand for treatment increased as a result of him shortening the waiting times, he would not be given any more resources to handle it and he would thus have failed to meet his targets.

  2. One way to shorten waiting time at a medical centre is to have a reputation for incompetant doctors.
    Ergo nobody goes there.

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