So I\’m sent an invite to a bloggers bash

Cision Frontline Breakfast: come and meet the UK\’s superstar bloggers

Rightie ho. Who then? Dale? Guido? Sunny? Will Straw? Mumsnet?


Alex Powis – The Daily Street
Alex writes for urban fashion and culture blog, The Daily Street – with particular focus on the music industry, being a DJ and producer. The Daily Street discusses anything from clothing and life style to trainers and art. The bloggers have entered deals with some of UK\’s urban industry key people \”which allows them to bring the latest news\” to their readers. In January 2011, The Daily Street was ranked number one of the top 10 urban fashion and lifestyle blogs by Cision.

Vicki Jeffels – Vegemitevix
Vicki writes for her own blog, Vegemitevix. She moved with her three kids, dog, cat, a guitar and twenty boxes of books, from New Zealand to North Hampshire in the UK in August 2008. Vegmitevix is all about her experiences as a mother with the ups and downs of family life, her life as an expat and travelling adventures.

Delightful people both I\’m absolutely certain but, umm, \”UK\’s superstar bloggers\”?

Maybe I don\’t get out and about enough, is that it?

7 thoughts on “So I\’m sent an invite to a bloggers bash”

  1. Tim,

    you and your generation, you’ve hardly arrived and now you are on your way out.

    You need to lighten up and write about ‘cool stuff’. All this economics is soooooo yesterday. Get urban, get cool.

    Mr. Murphy on the Gerry and the Pacemakers, anyone?

  2. Presumably his angle would be that the private sector never produced any pacemakers so the NHS should give one free to everyone, and a Gerry to every third person.

  3. Or it could be, vis-a-vis the blogs you mention (save Mumsnet), that in the end of the day most people share your indifference to politicians and just aren’t very impressed by the comings and goings of the Westminster village.

  4. They must have seen your blog come up when they Googled for “vegamite”: Marmite is the same, right?


  5. I would guess that an average fashion magazine outsells the complete range of political ones from The Spectator to New Statesman, combined.

    Ergo it’s no surprise that Blogs catering to the same interests are big too.

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