Tee Hee

David Rose added. \”I hold a doctorate in Cambridge in Climate Change and Sinking Islands Studies so I know what I\’m talking about. And if you don\’t believe me, ask my friend Johann Hari who taught me everything I know about the primacy of emotional truth over actual truth. I\’m pleased to say that this is a view of the world shared by my colleagues at Times Comprehensive Atlas Of The World. They understand that maps based on accurately recorded geographical features belong in the Victorian age of child chimney sweeps. What we need now is maps that change the world, transforming into something which it isn\’t actually yet but might be one day if we don\’t act NOW!\”

I think more of this should be done. David Rose as our main reporter on matters climate change.

5 thoughts on “Tee Hee”

  1. Just to change subject a little but we must remember that the Maldives should be treated like apartheit South Africa. If you are a not a Muslim you have no rights.

    In a sane world we would be boycotting it.

  2. Why don’t they put up a map of Beleriand* and then the Elves will come and save us all!

    The Victorian age of chimney sweeps, low tax, small government and, albeit harsh, reality is infinitely better than a nightmare world, a Never-never land, funded likewise.

    If I am going to be fooled, I want to fool myself, not have a bunch of Fabian fraudsters demand a monopoly to fool me.

  3. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I like maps that actually tell me where things are NOW, not where they might be in half a century’s time. It’s easier to find places that way.

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