Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

On the next big political fight. Between the Greens, saying no more exploration for shale gas and everyone else.

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  1. Here in Blackpool, the fight began months ago, with those cuddly, friendly, ever-so-nice environMentalists pitching themselves against the big, bad, eeeeeevil corporate, Cuadrilla.

    Always with the urging of others to watch Gaslands (helpfully promoted by the Co-op Bank, which definitely doesn’t have a vested interest in the millions it ploughed in to wind turbine as a future energy source).

    Unfortunately for Cuadrilla, their exploratory work coincided with two tremors, which got some of the locals out with their pitchforks.

  2. Anyone who really cares about the environment should be happy to see Caroline Lucas and Chris Huhne on a spit, slowly turning over a nice shale gas grill. If ClimateGate was the Green’s Battle of Leipzig, I hope this could be their Waterloo.

  3. Tim

    Any suggestions as to how we can carry the fight to the eco-freaks–I will be writing to my MP–he is Labour dross but in a community that could well benefit from a gas bonanza and needs the jobs.

    If you can give me the name of your local paper in Blackpool I will write a letter–the more people get their voices out there the better.

  4. Mr Ecks,

    Of course – I think its ‘readers comments’ page email address is [email protected].

    I couldn’t say for certain, though, as Johnston Press websites are notoriously piss-poor for usability and content, which means I’m going from memory!

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