Travelling Timmy

Off on business related travels for a few days. Late booked trip at a point when funds are low: not exactly a direct route I\’m taking.

May or may not be any stuff here for a few days. Be nice to each other while I\’m away.

What I\’m trying to find out is \”just where did they put the tin slags from the eastern Ore Mountains?\”

And aren\’t you glad you know someone who thinks that might be an interesting question to answer?

13 thoughts on “Travelling Timmy”

  1. The “tin slags of the Ore Mountains”?

    Doesn’t sound much different from the macguffin in Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious, which IIRC was uranium sands in some Brazilian mountains.

    On the other hand, if you got to marry a 20-something Ingrid Bergman out of the deal, you’re lucky. 🙂

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