Well, that\’s that then

Few might now take issue with Mr Barber’s view that Britain has become a country in which the poor and middle earners struggle and the rich often do better than they deserve. Nor would they deny that the unions must “win the intellectual debates as well as the industrial battles”.

Given that Mr. Barber\’s advisor in those intellectual battles is one Richard Murphy ……..

2 thoughts on “Well, that\’s that then”

  1. When was the last time a UK trade union won an “industrial battle” rather than merely embarrased the politicians into ordering their public sector bosses into acquiescence?

    Honest Q – not just snarking.

  2. SE – what’s the difference, and if there is one, does it matter?

    So for example if the Tube drivers just negotiated a £2k bonus for still doing their job during the Olympics, then if I was them I would tell you you can define it as a “battle” or not, and whether I “won” it or not, but I don’t really care.


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