Why would I peel a fig?

Just popped inside, wifey\’s watching a cooking show (not feeling well) and I heard the presenter asking a chef:

\”Why would I peel a fig?\”

My assumption is for the same reason we peel cows really.

9 thoughts on “Why would I peel a fig?”

  1. Well you would want your grapes peeled if you were Ceaser wouldn’t you? You have to give all your slaves something to do or they will rebel and rise up against you. 🙂

  2. it’s like peeling apples…fig skins are quite edible but sometimes you just need the soft flesh without the added texture…..fnah fnah

  3. Oh yeah, right, JamesV. Apple pie is just yummy when you have to be constantly picking bits of skin out of your teeth.

  4. Peeling a fig results in all the flesh and seeds dropping out. In an inedibly under-ripe fig they will all stay together; a ripe fig, if peeled will tend to disintegrate.
    So, may I ask whether it was a rhetorical question?

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