Yes Polly, this is very true

An air of unreality hangs over this conference season. Inside dark and fetid halls parties will jockey for clear blue, yellow and red lines, berating one another over what may seem dangerously small differences when we look back on these times. Few may be alerted that the world stands on the verge of economic meltdown – unless they are reading the likes of Larry Elliott, Will Hutton, William Keegan and the FT\’s Martin Wolf. The abyss yawns – but the politics of narcissism sail on.

This is what politicians do, jockey for position over the unimportant things.


Which is why we don\’t want politicians running our lives: because they will jockey for position over the unimportant things.

7 thoughts on “Yes Polly, this is very true”

  1. She’s finally on board?

    Now she will start to see the veniality of politicians and political parties (even, or rather especially, the Labour party) and the vile waste of our money by all.

    After, Monbiot, another one has her Damascus moment, or not.

    I’m not holding my breath. A mere temporary blip on the radar.

  2. where has she been for the past 30 years? Was she a member of a student political club and failed to notice the hackery?

  3. The Left have had this blind spot for year – they complain about polititians yet want more and more things to be controlled by politicians.

  4. Polly be purveyin’ some seriously purple prose there.

    The only thing she forgot was “It was a dark and stormy night…”

  5. Ah, but Polly is wise and knows the correct sort of politician that will not do such things. No. The true keepers of the Fabian flame.

    Pay no attention to the old woman behind the velvet curtain!

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