A small note to Welsh readers

Via, this:

It was a Tri-Nations test like no other – it was tense, there was a grandstand packed with spectators, a commentator, national anthems and officials scrutinising the competitors\’ every move. The only thing missing was a rugby ball.

Instead, in a makeshift shearing shed in Molyneux Stadium, Alexandra, New Zealand, Australian and South African teams competed in a test match for the first Tri-Nations fine wool shearing competition as part of the 50th New Zealand Merino Shearing and Woolhandling Championships.

Please note Welsh people. The verb here is shearing, not shag…. but  that would be a cheap joke, would it not?

1 thought on “A small note to Welsh readers”

  1. Isn’t “Welsh readers” something of an oxymoron?

    Tim adds: Mr. Newman seems to manage OK. Perhaps he has the sheep read it to him?

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