About this facelift stuff

If we were to be ungallant, considering a woman who has had four children, would we insist that her jawline is the first place that needs a stitch or two to produce some tightening up?

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  1. I don’t know why people bother, really I don’t. Particularly women, to whom nature is especially unkind (men have less of a peak, so less to lose). You get about ten years of being “young”, then maybe another fifteen of being still marketably attractive, and after that it’s over, and no amount of crude plastic surgery is actually capable of stopping it. Dear of Mother Nature, our kindly Gaia, she wisely bundled reproduction into the years immediately after sexual maturity, and made sure that physical appearance would make that especially plain to everyone else.

    If there were a cure for ageing, that would be fabulous, but there isn’t. Not yet, anyway. No amount of cosmetic patching up can hide the reality of ageing. You can be a smoother-skinned 45 year old, but you’re still plainly a 45 year old; past it, fit only for grandmotherhood in sexual terms, and that’s the bottom line.

    Save the money, and buy a shawl and a tartan rug to put over your knees. Age shall weary them, and the years condemn, after all. That’s life.

  2. And on top of it all (and maybe it is my age and selfishness colouring my vision), natural aging in a woman not only doesn’t turn me off, it has the opposite effect.

    Women comfortable with their reality can be startlingly sexy (Ian B, 45 is nowhere near the limit, shame on you). Attitude allied with maturity and shedding of unjustified insecurities becomes key. Its a whole new relationship world.

    Women on this blog: and what about older men? Are they (I cannot yet come to include myself) any use?

  3. Extremely ungallant, indeed. How disappointing of you.

    And probably extremely ungallant of me to get the innuendo. How disappointing of me.

  4. bilbaobo-

    45 is nowhere near the limit, shame on you

    That’s very gallant of you, but sadly not congruent with reality. 45 is well past the limit. That doesn’t mean 45 year olds can’t have many positive characteristics, but in terms of physical attractiveness, it’s all bundled up in the years covered by the glamour modelling age range. Some lucky models fade slower than others, but it’s mostly a teens, early 20s thing.

    With a bit of effort, I’m certain myself that we could beat ageing this century, by some cunning genetic engineering. But for now, we’re stuck with the cruel hand nature dealt us, which was to have us breed young and then spend the rest of our lives being carers.

  5. @bilbaoboy

    Sure, older men (men over the age of 25) are OK, if they’re in good looking, in good physical shape, wash, and are intelligent. I agree with Ian B, though, men over the age of 45 are well past the limit…

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    It depends. On, to be brutal and not gallant at all, whether you are sleeping with the woman or not.

    A Face Lift is, if you like, a public good. It improves everyone else’s aesthetic appreciation of the world just a touch. A little spread among many people.

    Moving down the body somewhat, another sort of lift may improve everyone else’s view of the world marginally – nothing compared to, say, a good bra manufacturer – and it may improve one (or more but in the single digits at the best of times I would think) man’s appreciation of the world in a moderate sort of way.

    Moving even further down, and I assume this is what TW was referring to, a tweak and a tightening will have no impact on the general public, but it may have enormous impact on one (or more but presumably still in the single digits) man’s life. A lot but concentrated on one person.

    So it depends if you think the public is more important than the private.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    bilbaoboy – “Women on this blog: and what about older men? Are they (I cannot yet come to include myself) any use?”

    Sean Connery was born in 1930. He is 81 this year. He gets mentioned as one of the sexiest men alive to this day.

    He is also an unrepentant wife beater. Which suggests women’s views on sexiness is screwed up beyond belief.

    I doubt if anyone named by any Men’s magazine as the sexiest women alive comes even close to 40 and very few of them will be on the wrong side of 30.

  8. – So much for subtlety

    re Sean Untouchable Connery.

    I now see where I have been going wrong. Not enough domestic violence.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    bilbaoboy – “re Sean Untouchable Connery.”

    Oh come on. It was a fine film but you would really remember old Seamus for that one film?

    “I now see where I have been going wrong. Not enough domestic violence.”

    It seems so. It is weird but it seems to be true.

  10. SMFS

    I used it because he is going to be teflon-coated on the violence allegations. Too clever for my own good.

    You are right. He has made good and bad films, given bad to magnificent performances and was the first modern sexy (as in women going ‘oh wouldn’t mind a shag with him then) male star.

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