About those earthquakes in Lancashire

Hell, it\’s Lancashire, so drill baby, drill.

10 thoughts on “About those earthquakes in Lancashire”

  1. From my point of view, Lancasheermen manage to be both pantywaist girliemen and inhabitants of a howling wasteland devoid of culture or civilisation. But, on t’other hand, they are universally acknowledged to be much nicer folk than Yorkshiremen or southerners. Except scousers, obviously.

  2. Say what you will about the Midlands.. but when North and South finally decide to settle matters with fisticuffs, everyone’s going to want us on their team. We’ve got the guns.

  3. Aye, but we’ve got the, er, glass.

    (I was born in St. Helens)

    Liverpool is a nice place, provided you ship the population somewhere out of earshot.

  4. BGS survey does not reach any proven conclusion.
    This is Huhnes attempt to shut down shale gas in this country.

  5. serious question…why do Huhnes’s speeches fail to address the existence of massive quantities of gas in the North Atlantic. Not decades, centuries. Would love to watch this criminal swinging at the end of a rope.

  6. Huhne is an eco-fascist of the highest order and is rightly classified under “twat watch” on Guido Fawkes blog.

    If “call me Dave” doesn’t stick the boot into this guy quickly our economy is finished with all our jobs transfered to the BRIC’s nations.

    PS : As a Midlander I have made the choice to move South in the event of a North / South conflict. However, you will not be able to contact me as I will change my name to Tarquin and become a Lifestyle Consultant.

  7. The earthquakes were of a magnitude that even a true princess, who could feel a pea under piles of mattresses would have failed to notice them happening.

    Funny how the non existent risk to the common lesser spotted big bottomed tit from magnitude 1.5 earthquakes requires us to stop drilling, whilst windmills chopping up rare birds of prey is irrelevant.


  8. “….and that both may be linked to the experimental fracking…..”

    And both may have nothing to do with the drilling at all. Interesting that boht of the reported magnitudes are in a range that would require fairly sensitive intrumentation to detect. How did the events come to light?

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