But this is the point Polly!

As it levers the NHS open to EU competition law, who is democratically accountable for its £120bn budget? Who is to answer for its quality or failures?

We\’ve had 60 odd years of politicians commanding this and that. And we\’ve ended up with what we\’ve got now. We want to get politicians out of the day to day provision of health care: that\’s the whole point of what is being done.

Instead of some dictat issued by a wet behind the ears barrister from Streatham (imagine Chuka being a health minister?) we actually have professionals, who know what they\’re doing, running health care.

This is the dman point.

4 thoughts on “But this is the point Polly!”

  1. All the meddling by politicians has shown them to be a complete waste of space in terms of knowing what they are doing. The more they carry on the more they give reasons why politicans should have less power and why government should be smaller and less interfearing.

  2. Instead… we actually have professionals, who know what they’re doing, running health care

    It amazes me that you believe this. The reforms are a fast-gathering clusterfcuk of the first order, with all the hallmarks of invading Stalingrad in light summer clothing. Improvements in outcomes will be largely restricted to profit margins for those consortia now partnering (what a lovely, soothing word) the NHS for stuff where they can take a cut – be it fleet meat wagon hire, GP empire building or tickbox ops. The whole thing serves a laughably-obvious political agenda (contra CMD’s concern-faced election campaign) – & represents the uber-extension of NuLav policies, not some glorious new dawn of customer-focused provision. Here- and-there, canny GPs might be getting faster & cheaper physio services – but that hardly warrants the massive transfer of spending/commissioning power. And Mckinsey & lawyer types (oh, the coming battles over predatory pricing…) will be proliferating like an especially nasty strain of staph.

    that’s the whole point of what is being done

    You talk as if we are handing services over to some kind of localisin’, social-enterprisin’ Hattie Jacques – as opposed to jokers like the board of Circle (whose smug countenances and pompous ‘credo’ make me want to reach for the IV cyclizine) and the equally-circling healthcare megacorps. And why re-org now – of all the available moments in time? Many professionals “who know what they are doing” are expecting yet more chaos. And not the creative chaos that policy wonks wank on about – just good, old-fashioned chaos.

  3. I did an analysis of the Lansley Reforms and it was clear the patient, you know, the customer/funder/sucker is way out on the periphery.

    To get the system right so that it is accountable, it needs to be exposed to each individual choice each individual makes for each individual use of healthcare.

    The way to do this is plurality. The idea that a GP signs up to a consortia is, right off the bat, barking mad and utterly against any form of real choice for the patient if that Consortia does anything other than vendor-neutral admin.

    I have diagrams should anyone be interested to show how Lansley screws it up and another how it should work.

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