Cogito Ergo Est

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The Ritchie method of inductive proof.

5 thoughts on “Cogito Ergo Est”

  1. And, just like cats, they expect us to accept their view of reality based on nothing more than their assertion.

    Our cats do this with food bowls: “Empty, look, empty!”, “Err, no, clearly full of food. Yours and your brothers”, “No, you foolish ape who just happens to have the opposable thumbs necessary to open the packets, empty! Fill it immediately.”

    Translated with some induction, of course.

  2. Difference being if you hoof a cat halfway across the room it will stay hoofed and not be such a stupid sod for quite some time, whereas Murphy appears immune to such direct methods of persuasion (not that there’s any harm in trying).

  3. @SE,

    “they expect us to accept their view of reality based on nothing more than their assertion.”

    As I said, volo ergo erit.


  4. My latin is somewhat (> 20 years) rusty but your phrase (I wish it therefore it will be?) seems to indicate a further degree of delusion – that merely deciding x must happen will cause x to happen. Whether through the simple power of assertion or the actions of others.

    Whereas the detailed distinction I was trying (and clearly failing) to make, and is both Murphy and feline, is the insistance that reality must equal x where, through observation, reality clearly equals y. This is particularly lefty where x and y are non or even negatively correlated.

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