From a PR email:

I’m writing to let you know that President and Mrs. Carter will join 500 volunteers and future homeowners to build 100 homes in Haiti during the week-long Habitat for Humanity Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project November 5-12.


The Carters, along with Habitat for Humanity, are committed to rehabilitating and providing safe, accessible housing for displaced victims of the January 2010 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck the island nation of Haiti and was considered to be centered in the city of Léogâne, Haiti. This year, the event has several corporate supporters including Delta, ArcelorMittal Foundation, Cossette Communications, Inc. and The Dow Chemical Company.


Please let me know if you would like more information about the Carter Work Project, speaking with a Habitat for Humanity representative, or receiving photos or stories from the build week. I can also make available volunteers from the supporting corporations about their volunteer experience and the organizations’ support of the project.

We don\’t in fact need or want ex-presidents buliding houses for poor people. This is an insane waste of the earning capacity of an ex-President.

Seriously, who needs the physical labour of an 80 (ish) man rather than the ability of an ex-President to raise money?

Worse, much worse, is this idea that foreigners should come in and build housing for the poor darkies. Bugger that, we need DarkieLand to provide the incentives for Darkies to build houses.

Yes, that\’s possibly racist. But the racism is in insisting that only Whitey can help, when in fact is the system that oppresses not-Whitey at fault. You know, domestic Haitian politics?

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  1. I reckon you’re being a bit hard on the old peanut farmer Tim. He’s been involved with HfH for twenty five years plus. It’s just one of the things he likes doing – like his furniture making. The pair of them have been all over both the US and the world in the HfH annual Build Blitz week during those years helping often after natural disasters. They’ve only just renamed the Build Blitz after them because of their long involvement.

  2. Yah, I spent a summer building schools in Thailand.

    I’m always annoyed with these stupid fuckers. If you want to help buy stuff from one poor country and employ people to put it together. Stay the fuck out of semi-skilled industries in developing nations.

  3. Whatever. HfH’s main aim is to help people help themselves. These projects are not, in the round, about patronising poor people of whatever colour or nation, unlike, say, Conservative Social Action often appears to be. They’re about helping to kick-start self-build projects. If someone wants to spend a week a year doing that sort of thing, and evangelising about them outside that time, good on them I say. It’s a good deal more productive, I’d say, that Prince Bugalugs imposing his vision on rural Dorset or whatever.

    As one who had always regarded Carter as one of the worst US presidents ever (having family in GA and AL who loathed the man at the time) he went up in my estimation when I discovered that he was doing this sort of thing with his time afterwards instead of continuing to meddle in the political world or trying to found great dynasties of power. Mutual self-help will always trump “elder statesmanship” for me (and I am a lot less impressed that he is a Branson “Elder” than that he gets involved in helping build houses because one of his hobbies happens to be carpentry).

  4. Yah, I spent a summer building schools in Thailand.

    In a country where a decent apartment will set you back close to £150k these days. Depending on where you are, of course.

  5. I’ll bet you that some of those foreigners are black, if only for PR reasons, so why you assume it’s only Whitey helping, I dunno. I’m not saying Carter’s anything but a tosser, mind you, and Jock, if you think Carter’s not ‘continuing to meddle in the political world,’ I suggest you Google ‘Carter + Israel’ or ‘Carter + Iraq.’

  6. “Seriously, who needs the physical labour of an 80 (ish) man rather than the ability of an ex-President to raise money?”

    Of course this could be a publicity stunt, in which case they are using him to raise money.

  7. Bear in mind how bad a President he was and his comparitive advantage might be in unskilled physical labour, despite his advanced years.

  8. You’ve missed the central point, Tim. In the USA, Jimmy Carter can’t draw flies, let alone raise money. Carrying boards from on end of a lot to the other is about all he’s good for.

  9. I was too young then to be paying much attention, but why the hell did the Americans vots for Jimmy Carter?

    I can see why they voted for Obama, even if I think it was wrong, but with Carter I just can’t see what it was.

    Post-Vietnam seems an insufficient reason, after they re-elected Nixon.

  10. Richard: Post-Nixon (and post-Ford, but he was only there because Nixon resigned), Carter ran as an outsider who wasn’t tainted by association with the goings-on in Washington. He also appealed to black voters, despite being a white Southerner, because he was perceived to be a liberal on race (and mostly was), was a born-again Christian, and wasn’t George Wallace.

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