Dan Carter injury

Is he out then? For the rest of the Cup?


Update: So it appears he is. Which is a bit of a blow.

Yes, I know, it\’s a team game, nothing to do with the individual.

But, but, there is a part of what we\’ve all been waiting for gone. Is he really as good as we all think? We\’ve been (OK, in a minor manner but still) waiting for 4 years to see him, mature and in his pomp, bossing what is almost certainly the best rugby team in the world through the knockout stages of the World Cup.

And now we\’re not going to. This isn\’t to say \”Boo hoo\” for New Zealand or anything, rather to say that watching the very best perform at their peak is part of what this thing is all about.

And now we won\’t, poor us.

4 thoughts on “Dan Carter injury”

  1. His peak was in 2005 before he lost a yard. Untouchable. Greatest Fly Half performance, if not of all time, then since Barry John in ’71

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