Danny Dorling\’s statistics

Well, yes, sorta:

Another example is his use of stats to show the quality of life outside London, a famous phrase which those of us who enjoy it know to be true, but only in that vague, gut way that is anathema to statisticians.

With his colleague Bethan Thomas, he searched for gold-standard data that might apply and came up with benzine air pollution, crime figures, electricity consumption and malicious calls to the fire brigade. This partly playful but exceptionally reliable quartet made the City of London and Kensington and Chelsea the least desirable places to live in the UK, and Rotherham, Redcar and Barnsley the best.

That would be why 11,500 people live in The City and 230,000 live in RRB.

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  1. Hmm, just as a thought, would average house prices make a difference as to where people might afford to live?

    Kensington & Chelsea: £1,246,372

    Redcar & Cleveland: £120,709

    (Source: Land Registry via BBC.)

  2. London would clearly be one of the best places on earth to live, if not the best place on earth to live, if you had at least a million a year. For ordinary folk, even with a London-weighted salary, it’s almost certainly extremely crap. You have to decide individually if the higher highpoints you get there rather than in Rotherham are worth the enormous extra cost, and the large amounts of crap you have to put up with every day.

  3. “That would be why 11,500 people live in The City and 230,000 live in RRB.”

    Couldn’t that be because the City is very attrative to certain types of business, so property prices get pushed up and residential use gets crowded out?

    Or perhaps it’s because a pro-office, anti-residential bias in the City planning system means that few residential developments get approval?

    It would be interesting to see the average rents per square foot of residential vs commercial in the City; that might give us a hint what’s going on.

  4. I lived in Redcar for a few weeks, long ago. There are worse spots. Passaic, New Jersey, for instance, where I’ve also lived. Handy for Manhattan, mind.

  5. What’s benzine? Is it like benzene, a known carcionogen?

    Oh and London is fab, if you’re broke and on someone-else’s dime, or making seven figures. Otherwise it’s a hell-hole.

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