Dear God, and in The Guardian as well!

Overpopulation is a self-serving myth for the rich and powerful. I am a development economist, and one of the clearest social trends is that family sizes decline as household incomes rise. In Africa, Asia and Latin America, large families are a rational response to poverty. The marginal extra costs of an additional child are outweighed by the additional household labour and by the self-insurance of children to take care of you in your old age. Even in Africa, the continent popularly assumed to have the greatest problem with over-population, fertility rates are falling under the impact of economic growth and rising incomes, as the Economist has noted.

Actual knowledge and good sense.

Why is it in this newspaper?

6 thoughts on “Dear God, and in The Guardian as well!”

  1. Because it is more than balanced by the nonsense above it and any “normal Guardian reader” will be so blinded by the affirmation of their pro-green, pro-Islam and earnestly self-sacrificing prejudices in the first three pieces, respectively, that they won’t even notice their mind blanking on the one you quoted?

  2. I congratulate the Guardian for publishing this.

    But don’t worry. There will be howls of outrage in the comments, the author will be universally vilified and accused of being a hard-right Tory, and the Guardian will be criticised for publishing right-wing screeds.

    Why is it that anyone demonstrating any real knowledge of economics and finance is automatically assumed to have nothing relevant to say to a left-wing audience?

  3. I heard the same thing on Radio4 in the morning just a couple of days ago. I was so surprised at hearing sensible information coming from the BBX that I nearly crashed my car.

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