Dear God, the stupidity, it hurts!

I know that the PR industry is not exactly a hot bed of superior intellectual activity but do they have to be quite so stupid?

One of them has just written to me suggesting that as a result of something I wrote at the Register I might be interested in a video piece they\’re touting around.

All about how awful speculation in foodstuffs is. How the WDM is fighting this evil.

Jeebus, as the piece I wrote for the Register will show, I\’m one of the few arguing that the WDM are ignorant tosspots who have everything wrong about this. As the PR agency would have known if they\’d bothered to read the piece they referred to.

Ellen Ockey? You\’re a fool.

One other thing ocurs. Where in buggery is the WDM getting its money from to employ a friggin\’ PR agency?

3 thoughts on “Dear God, the stupidity, it hurts!”

  1. We have a bull market in stupidity running in parallel with the secular bear market. Oh well, only another 8-10 years to go by my reckoning (I say the bear started in 2000 & given an average of 18-20 years duration).

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