Err, Yes?

Fukushima nuclear plant could take 30 years to clean up

Removal of fuel rods and decommissioning of reactors could take decades, warns Japan\’s atomic commission

So, err, how long does it normally take to decommission a reactor?

I have this vague sort of idea that you wait a decade or two anyway to get rid of the short lived isotopes before you start.

2 thoughts on “Err, Yes?”

  1. I live near Winfrith, which was shut down in 1995. Bloke down the pub works there, and reckons there’s a good 10 years of lucrative employment to go.

    25 years in total, or thereabouts.


    In Germany it appears to take about 12 years. So 30 is probably a bit long, but I think they are probably exaggerating a bit. There are probably a number of other consideration such as the type of fuel used; whether the plant was being run down before reactor shut-down; availability of fuel processing; national rules and regs etc. That coupled with the fact that the whoel structure that was hit by the tsunami and the earthquake will have to be strengthened to ensure it doesn’t collapse first. Probably more to do with that than any radiation concerns.

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