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So, which is the university in the Czech Republic which does metals and mining then?

In the UK I\’d start with Cambourne School of Mines, maybe the (Royal?) School of Mines at Imperial. In Germany, at Freiberg.

But where do I start in the Czech Republic? Particularly, I want to find out about the history of mining in a specific area from 1900 or so to 1990. Who dug where, who processed what where and where was the rubbish dumped?

This is all a bit too long ago for it to have really made it onto the internet so which part of the groves of academe is likely to know?

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  1. The RSM has largely scrapped its (formerly world class) Mining Engineering and Petroleum Engineering courses

  2. Sad but true Flatcap.

    Anyway Mr W here’s the link to a mining museum in Bohemia [].

    And here’s the link to the English page of the Technical University of Mining and Metallurgy in Ostrava []

    And finally here’s a link to a report by the Czech gerological society about old and abandoned mines []

  3. Sadly, the once proud UK mining university departments have largely disappeared, including the premier department at Nottingham University. There are some quality departments in Australia, especially at the University of Queensland. UK graduates still occupy senior positions in the industry, but most of us are aging baby boomers looking to retire soon.

    One avenue would be to join a mining group on Linkedin and ask the question you want answered.

  4. There’s a lot of enviromental science stuff these days – Imperial/RSM used to offer three and four year undergrad courses in Mining or Petroleum Engineering; the Pet Eng is now a one-year MSc.

  5. When I was at Imperial, Mines were notorious for never spending a second they didn’t have to outside of the Student Union bar, so I can’t say I’m surprised. They made us physicists look like a bunch of tea-drinking poofters by comparison (and we were neither poofters nor tea-drinkers.) We did share in our derision of the geologists, mind. Neither fish nor fowl, that shifty bunch.

  6. Mr Gillies,

    You make the behaviour of the Mining Men sound like a bad thing.

    And don’t knock the geologists; I was once felled by one with a single punch. Eeee! She were a fearsome lass.

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