How odd

Adopted as a baby by a family in Silicon Valley, Jobs met his biological father – Abdulfattah \”John\” Jandali – several times in the 1980s without realising who he was, according to Isaacson.

Jandali had been running a restaurant in the area at the time. But Jobs never got in touch with Jandali once he found out the restaurateur was his biological father, according to an excerpt from the TV interview posted on CBS\’ website.

Not the adoption, which I think we all knew about (unmarried parents, late 1950s not exactly exceptional for the times), nor the never getting in contact which we knew about from interviews with the father a few months back.

But meeting pops at the local restaurant (biological family from mid-west I think and father now works in Vegas).

2 thoughts on “How odd”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Migrants are less “sticky” than people who have strongly family roots in one place. They move more. They especially move to places where lots of good jobs are at. Silicon Valley is bound to be one such place – or was before it became too expensive to live there. Just as there will be a lot more immigrants in London than in rural Norfolk.

    It was Jobs’ success at making Silicon Valley a place that attracted immigrants that made the meeting somewhat less unlikely. But it is odd. Maybe the Jungians are on to something.

  2. IIRC rural Norfolk and Lincolnshire attracted the greatest proportion of A8 immigrants (Eastern Europe) due to the volume of agricultural and food factory jobs. But yes the point about migrants having more labour mobility seems reasonable.

    Rather than synchronicity, I’d suggest the fact his pa was a restauranteur slashed the probabilities. The odds of visiting a particular restaurant and getting to know, however briefly, the manager seem far shorter than the odds of bumping into a particular person in the street. Conversely, his dad will have ‘met’ (in some sense) a heck of a lot of Silicon Valleyboys, notable or otherwise.

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