How terribly confusing

We\’ve been told that only the government can create jobs, that the private sector simply will not pick up the slack if government fires bureaucrats and that, well, cutting government jobs would be a total disaster.

PwC said the net fall in public sector employment of around 290,000 between December 2009 and June this year had been offset by the creation of about 600,000 private sector jobs.


So, the great rebalancing from tax consuming jobs to tax producing jobs is rolling along quite nicely then.

4 thoughts on “How terribly confusing”

  1. Doesn’t fit the narrative does it.

    Come on Mr. Murphy, rubbish it. It’s only PwC and what do they know.

  2. You knew it was a rubbish post, Worstall.

    for those that dare not touch the Guardian (is their spelling much worse than others, y’know, since ages?), Mr Potarto’s quote ends

    “……while in the second quarter of 2011 (the latest period for which data is available) the 41,000 jobs created in the private sector fell well short of the 111,000 job losses in the public sector.”


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