Hypocrite of the day

Ms. Winterson, the novelist.

10 thoughts on “Hypocrite of the day”

  1. She shoots rabbits and complains about government regulation – sounds like a good (free-range) egg to me.

  2. The lady believes she is a member of Greenpeace?

    Very unlikely that she’d be a member in that club. You can give money to them, but that’s different from being an actual member. They are few, invitation only.

  3. diogenes – I’ve never heard of her; was simply going on a quick skim read of the interview that PaulB linked to.

    But not surprised that she’s barking mad. After all, she is a female novelist.

  4. Of course there is no detail on how old is said LR defender. They have been manufactured under various names since about 1948 and have been called “the Defender” since 1983. It might be 20 years old. If that is the case then looking at the environmental costs on the basis of the whole of life of the vehicle then the fact that it has been kept on the road for 20 years means that the environmental cost might be quite low.

    It is generally accepted that keeping an old car on the road it more environmentally friendly than buying a new fuel effiecient car every 3 years or so after all the materials that went in to manufacture and old car were produced once and then kept working.

    Coupled with the factor that the shipping costs of a Landrover are much lower than the shipping costs of a prius given that the LRD is essentially home grown.

    So without more knowledge on age of said Land Rover it is difficult to determine the extent of hypocricy.

    I firmly believe that keeping old cars running longer is better for the planet. At least that is how I justify to myself keeping my 6.0 litre american classic V8 from the 1970s on the road, even though I only get 8mpg and spew out god knows how many carbons I comfort myself in the knowledge that I am kinder the the planet than the pratt in the brand new prius next to me.

    Or I could be delusional and I could just like the noise of a classic V8 and seek to rationalise my decision through any means necessary

  5. A typical life/house in the very affluent road that I live on…

    Prius on the driveway.
    Arga in the kitchen.
    Open log fire.
    Waitrose bag for life in the cupboard.
    Gü chocolate dessert with expendable glass ramekin in the fridge.
    I love the NHS on the twitter feed.
    Private health insurance certificate in the office.
    ‘Vote Labour’ in the window at election time.
    Multicultural on the outside.
    Campaign against black churches at the weekend.
    Save the library.
    Never use the library.

    I’m tempted to change the name to Hypocrisy Street.

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