Idiotic fuckwits

MPs have voted to to begin the abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board – which over 140,000 workers in Britain rely on.

The AWB has protected the wages and rights of agricultural workers for over six decades.

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Before we had the National Minimum Wage we had a series of industry wage boards. These set minimum wages for each industry.

Now we have the National Minimum Wage we do not need to have individual industry wage boards. The job has been superceded. It\’s simply money wasted on bureaucracy.

But then there\’s nothing quite so conservative as the modern British left, is there? If it exists it must be preserved.

7 thoughts on “Idiotic fuckwits”

  1. Why are Scottish dogs so much less expensive than English ones? A mere £5.06 per week. They can’t all be terriers?

  2. The “birth grant” is incredible – your employer giving you a bonus when your wife has a baby.

    Stunningly feudal (although I thought in the old days it was because of the possibility that the landlord was the real father).

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