It\’s on Twitter so it must be true


@hal_berstram Hal Berstram
@Van_Patten Worstall is crazy – he seems to spend most of his time attempting to character assassinate Murphy.

A fair and accurate description of this blog, don\’t you think?

14 thoughts on “It\’s on Twitter so it must be true”

  1. View from the Solent

    “A fair and accurate description of this blog…?”

    No. The statement by Van Patten contains a false proposition, viz that there exists something which can be assassinated.
    It follows that any conclusion logically drawn from it does not hold.

  2. I am sure Murphy-baiting is a little light diversion from dealing with important matters. You would probably have to look hard to find someone else prepared to provide you with so many open goals. Must be getting close to score another?

  3. In fairness you’ve been fairly bland about the retired account from Norfolk recently.

    However, as with George Berkeley’s famous tree falling in the forest, even though we are not listening to Ritchie, you can be sure that somewhere in the wilds of the Fens, the idiotic accountant will be wittering his neo-Marxist clap trap while drinking his Crème de Menthe.

    We are the collectivists. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

  4. OT, but I can’t cope with the comment filter there: “Particles with rest mass greater than zero mean time travel is possible” is a bit of a boo-boo, even for someone who knows “absolutely nothing about physics” 🙂

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    I object to the word “attempting”. Nor is it assassination to point to out someone else’s suicide.

    Besides, you also have a nice side line in kicking Eoin.

  6. How many blog posts are there total, and how many in the Ragging on Ritchie category? As always with these types, evidence is the best way to respond.

  7. The truth is it’s a pain in the arse, but somebody has got to do it.

    At least we have FCA on the go too.

  8. I’ve never been aware that “character assassination” that means “pointing out logical and factual errors made by a complete gumby”

  9. As proved in the IOM recently, Ritchie is a bit touchy about threats of assassination (in his own mind of course, he is so important, it might, you know, really have happpened !). I think he’d be alright with ‘martyred’ though, given the truly illuminating theological discussions he has been hosting recently on why ‘his’ God hates capitalism.

    At least it gives them a new conspiracy to ponder. Worstall as the lone gunman ?

    Tim adds: I rather think there’d be a few more on the grassy knoll wouldn’t there?

  10. Tim adds: I rather think there’d be a few more on the grassy knoll wouldn’t there?

    I don’t know if you’d see the wood for the triers (sorry)

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