Miaow goes the Telegraph

David Cameron ordered a judicial inquiry into the press after the worst details of the phone hacking scandal came to light, but has he learnt anything from his own intimate dealings with controversial media figures?

Mandrake hears that the Prime Minister is entertaining Richard Desmond, the porn baron, at Chequers this weekend.

All entirely true. He also owns one of the major national newspapers (two if we are to consider the Star a newspaper).

The \”why\” is obvious: both of them in fact. Why Cameron\’s invited him and why the Telegraph is being catty.

2 thoughts on “Miaow goes the Telegraph”

  1. Looking through the list of Desmond publications it’s hard to work out where he gets the accolade “pr0n-baron” from. Would that be OK Magazine or Asian Babes?

    Maybe it’s one of Desmond’s earlier titles, ‘Home Organist’ that’s getting the Telegraph writer all hot & sweaty.

    Sounds like someone needs to get out the office more often.

  2. What’s with this “baron” thing? It originally seems to have arisen to describe very dominant businessmen/cartels with great economic and political influence- railroad barons, press barons and so on. But is publishing a few girlie magazines, which have little economic, let alone political, influence, “baronial”? Or is he just a porn businessman, which has rather less leverage on the perjorative label front?

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