No Polly, No

Rents rose another 1.2% this month, taking nearly half of family incomes.

You\’ve been caught out by that Shelter survey, just like Dave Hill was.

They are using earnings as their measure of income.

This is income from wages. However, this is not the same as household income.

For we\’ve this thing called the welfare state, see? All that mess of housing benefit, child benefit, working tax credits, some 50 or so of them in total. Household income is wage income, earnings, plus all of these things.

3 thoughts on “No Polly, No”

  1. I dunno, it seems like a valid metric to me. Adding in stuff the state gives out as compensation hides the relationship between income and expenditure, rather than illuminating it, surely?

  2. And of course there plenty of single people on the median wage who have no kids and therefore don’t get benefits, if you go back a few years a single wage was enough to support a working man a wife and children, now it’s barely enough to support the working man on his own. High housing costs are a large factor in this, combined with the failure of tax bands to rise with inflation.

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