Not a surprise

Record-breaking star Adele is to undergo surgery in a bid to cure the throat problems which have threatened to wreck her voice forever.

So I don\’t listen to much pop music bit it\’s been impossible not to listen to some of this. And my immediate reaction (OK, well, after the \”my, that\’s a bit catchy, isn\’t it?\”) was that she\’s straining her voice.

She\’s simply never been taught to sing.

Sure, obviously, she can hit a note, write a song and all that, but the technique is all wrong and you can hear that in her voice.

What slightly worries is that if a middle aged not good musician can hear it, why couldn\’t all the people around her?

There are those who disagree with my diagnosis, this is true:

The singer herself recently told the Sun that her problems were caused not by her vocal technique but by talking too much. \”I damage my voice offstage, not onstage,\” she said. \”Onstage I am fine as apparently I am technically great, but when I talk I damage my voice big time. I have got screwed into giving up smoking.

Not convinced but then that\’s the middle aged not good musician harrumphing about the young people of today for you.

2 thoughts on “Not a surprise”

  1. Surely most pop singers have never trained their voices, and arguably would lose something if they did.

    Tim adds: There’s a difference between being trained into a “classical” voice and being trained to breathe properly, not to strain the vocal chords etc.

  2. “when I talk I damage my voice big time. I have got screwed into giving up smoking”: I hope that made more sense before they translated it from her mother tongue.

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