Not that I haven\’t said this before but…..

Occupy SX insists that:

We want regulators to be genuinely independent of the industries they regulate.

Super, so does everyone else. The thing is, how are you going to go about abolishing regulatory capture?

No one\’s really managed it yet and we\’ve had several thousand years of trying…..

13 thoughts on “Not that I haven\’t said this before but…..”

  1. Do we really need regulators at all. It seems to me you do not what is required are laws to protect from bad behaviour nothing more. We have become obsessive with regulation it permeates our daily lives in such a way that Orwell ‘s 1984 is fast becoming closer to being a reality.

  2. Who said regulation needs to be a monopoly?

    USB seems to get by competing against Firewire in regulating interconnects. NASCAR vs F1 for going round in circles.

    The problem is when the Govt, the monopolists monopoly, gets involved and cannot comprehend or countenance plurality.

  3. Roger

    When all is said and done, if USB, Firewire, Nascar or F1 were to royally fuck things up.. the impact would be somewhat frivolous for most of us.

    When it comes to credit markets, money supply, and pensions (etc) there is a tad more at stake.

    Your premise may be sound, but your examples are not.

  4. “Highlighting shit ideas is easy.”

    Yes, and it is also essential for without highlighting what ideas that are shit there is little incentive of thinking of better ones

  5. How about the standard contracts on derivatives exchanges such as the Chicago Board of Trade or the LIFFE?

    How about the many diving associations such as the BSAC and PADI?

    In the former case, the impact of fuck-up would be a large financial loss and in the latter, probably death.

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  7. Well, by forcing the shutting of the completely-unrelated-to-their-message St Pauls and joining the deluded followers of Assange, it seems.

  8. Well, regulators who know little of the industry worked really well when you look at the clean audit reports all the insolvent banks received.

    While I’m on that I never understood why no-one has ever pointed a finger at the big audit firms who failed so miserably.

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