Now this is amusing

The Reform, the palatial gentlemen’s club in Pall Mall which numbered the traitor Guy Burgess among its members, must be feeling the pinch now that David Walker, the husband of The Guardian’s Polly Toynbee, can no longer wine and dine his contacts there at the taxpayers’ expense.

Yeah, yeah, only having pop so they can snarl at Polly. However:

The Reform frowns on business being conducted on its premises, but Walker claimed around £50 a time for his lunches there.

How can you claim business expenses for going to a place where you can\’t do business?

6 thoughts on “Now this is amusing”

  1. That must be a new policy – I’ve been to three business lunches at the Reform Club (admittedly now nearly 10 years ago)

  2. How do you manage to lunch for two in the Reform for £50? I found it the most expensive of the Pall Mall clubs (as well as the ugliest and least clubbable).

  3. From their website, “the Reform is a social club and a lively meeting place … the use of mobile phones and the production of business papers are not permitted, except in privately hired rooms.”

    That doesn’t stop business discussion, or a business lunch.

  4. Having looked at the website, amusingly the Reform Club (generally leftwards-leaning) appears to have its own tax dodge – the Reform Club Conservation Charitable Trust.

  5. There’s some thing to be said for the nouveaux riches: at least they are generally better-mannered than the recently-gilded shit-sacks like Toynbee.

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