Occupy the City!

Dunno if this is R. Murphy or M. Glasman but it\’s pretty nutty all the same.

Reform of the business franchise? Meh.

The rest of it is pure misunderstanding.


10 thoughts on “Occupy the City!”

  1. Re-posted here, where it makes more sense.

    “The City can no longer be tolerated as a State within a State governing above and beyond the authority of Parliament.”

    erm – it doesn’t. It’s subject to Acts of Parliament just like the rest of England.

    “The City … has more power than the Scottish parliament”

    erm – no it doesn’t. The Scottish Parliament has broad devolved powers over health, justice, education policy, some powers over income tax, and all sorts of other things. The City Corporation’s legal powers are basically those of a local authority and a local police authority.

  2. I propose an annual award for the stupidest person on the Left.

    It shall be named the Toynbee Award. First there will be nominations for a shortlist, and the winner will be chosen from that shortlist.

    I expect all the usual suspects will make the shortlist: Richard Murphy, Eoin Clarke, Chuka Umunna, Sunny Hundal, Chris Huhne…

    It will be like the Orwell Prize: people will have to be nominated along with a portfolio of their work: a small selection of their “greatest hits”, from the year 2011 only, please.

    Then the prize could be renamed the Murphy Award in honour of its first winner.

    I will put up the prize money of £10 myself.

    Nominations close at midnight on Friday 2nd December 2011. Nominations to toynbeeaward at yahoo.com, please.

    See toynbee-award.blogspot.com for updates.

    (The shortlist will be announced on this website. All shortlisted candidates will have their “greatest hits” listed on this website. Voting will then be from Monday 5th to Monday 12th, and the winner will be announced on Wednesday 14th December.)

    (P.S. The prize money can only be paid to its winner. It can’t be donated to charity instead. The winner must accept it first, and donate it to charity themselves, if they so wish.)

  3. Jim, my vote goes to ‘James of Durham’ who regularly comments at Ritchie’s place.

    Ritchie is Albert flippin’ Einstein compared to him.

    Or what about Arnauld, does he count?

  4. A commenter on Tim Blair’s site points out the stupidity of starting an outdoor protest movement at this time of year.

  5. Matthew, there are not shortage of stupidities in all this.

    Here’s one issue: is this all about greed per se as our principled Dr Giles Fraser would have it, or is it just a political fight with bankers?

    If it is really about greed, now there is one profession that frankly makes your average banker look like Mother Theresa. Have a look here: http://www.therichest.org/entertainment/vanityfairtop-40-highest-paid-stars-in-hollywood/.

    Robert Pattinson is apparently British. Never heard of him. Even Guy Ritchie is topping $1m a month. OK, directing is a lot harder work than acting (very hard work) but $1m a month?

    Now we’re talking about real roll in the mud, face in the trough stinking hot oinking greed. Now personally, I don’t begrudge them the dosh if there someone willing to pay. It doesn’t bother me. But if ‘greed’ is the problem, then this lot are as greedy as it gets.

    The fun will start if the Occupy mob start attacking the entertainment profession for greed. Front-row entertainment.

    Especially seeing Ritchie getting stuck into his actor clients. And being such a man of principle, his ire cannot be far away.

  6. A lot of the stuff about the City of London seems to echo claims made about on various conspiracy sites but with the words “jews” and “freemasons” removed.

  7. Christie, you’re so right. That’s why Polly Toynbee and the Guardian are above reproach even though they indulge in the same actions that they complain about in right wingers.

  8. Would that be one of the last active clauses of Magna Carta they are proposing to jettison? And the “independence of the English church” is pretty much gone since Henry VIII …

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