Oh dear Eoin

The above graph shows the farm-gate price of 1 litre of milk. It is now at an all time high since records began in 1970.


He\’s not adjusted for inflation.

1971 price of milk at farm gate was 4.16p.

Adjust by retail price index and this is now 44p.

Adjust by average earnings and it\’s 75p (2009).

Milk has, depending upon which number you want to use, fallen in real price by somewhere between half and two thirds.

2 thoughts on “Oh dear Eoin”

  1. We’ll see whether he answers my point, submitted to his blog, that dairy farmers keep complaining about the low farm gate prices, seemingly inconsistently with his claim that milk is very expensive.

    And the horror of poor mothers selling milk tokens! Can they not understand that the benevolent Left knows best what these mothers need, and simply allow their wills to be bent to that of the omnicompetent Eoin?

  2. If this is what obsessing about Irish lesbians does to the intellect, in future I’m going to view any pr0n containing women with red hair with extreme suspicion.

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