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The difference between a contemporary liberal and a socialist is that to a liberal the most beautiful word in the English language is \”forbidden\”, whereas to a socialist the most beautiful word is \”compulsory\”. – jmc 1994


4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. It just shows how far “contemporary liberalism” has fallen from “classical liberalism”.

    Of course, in the American context referred to in the quite, it is simply used to mean “Commie-lite” by people who can’t say “progressive” without spitting.

  2. Well, “liberalism” is distinct from communism, although it has incoporated Marxist elements; its heritage is Victorian Era moral reformism rather than Hegel and Marx. I think one way of disinguishing the two is that Communism is sympathetic to the proleteriat, who need emancipation from the oppressive bourgeoisie. Under “liberalism”/progressivism, the proleteriat are the authors of their own misfortune who have succumbed to mundane spiritual corruption (beer and skittles) and thus need salvation by the bourgeois class.

  3. Merely which bunch of scum think they should be in power after the blood-soaked revolution has petered out.

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