@richardjmurphy needs a little help understanding finance

Compare and contrast.

6 thoughts on “@richardjmurphy needs a little help understanding finance”

  1. I’m reasonably sure that one could plough through Ritchie’s drivellings and find comments (when the agencies threatened to downgrade bank or sovereign debt under Labour) that the agencies were paper tigers and should be ignored. Now all of a sudden it suits his agenda to start believing what he thinks they say. The man is a balloon.

  2. Without trying to be sycophantic, I understood the logic behind your Forbes article but then I read Richard Murphy’s and all he does is quote Moody’s press release and then just says that he doesn’t believe it without giving any reason or argument let alone information.

    Are we supposed to just nod sagely and say “yes, Mr Murphy, I take your word for it”?

    Tim adds: yes, I do believe that is Mr. Murphy’s point, and also his danger.

  3. Have a look at his twitter timeline. He’s been claiming all day that the Moody’s downgrade indicates that UK banks and building societies are all now in danger of failing and that deposit insurance won’t be honoured. Various people have called him out on this and received the usual rude response. And a short while ago he was trying to persuade Jill Treanor of the Guardian that the UK bank downgrade was of the same calamitous nature as tonight’s downgrade by Fitch of Italy and Spain (sovereigns). I wonder sometimes what planet he’s on….

    By the way, my own blogpost on this is definitely more Tim than Ritchie. http://bit.ly/p4WRtO

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