Sir James Savile, KBE, OBE, KCSG, KM

A man who divided opinion without ever appearing to care much what anyone thought of him, he was simply an odd chap.

Yes, yes, he was. And this country needs more odd chaps.

As does every country, of course.

We\’ve just lost one and who is going to step up?

10 thoughts on “Sir James Savile, KBE, OBE, KCSG, KM”

  1. Do me a favour some 84 year old who lost his marbles years ago has died and it’s front page news.
    Please list news items that rank above this.
    I’ll start
    1. the EU is still there.

  2. Peter Hitchens? His recent appearance on the Daily Politics qualifies him automatically.

    Perhaps in the interests of equality ‘n’ diversity, we could nominate Melanie Philips?

  3. “The EU is still here” isn’t news. Besides, you can post on both topics – blogging isn’t a zero sum game.

  4. Ah, “The EU is still here” … the latest scapegoat for all our problems. First it was US subprime, then the bankers and now the EU.

    The excellent though now dormant blog, ShrinkWrapped, coined the term Societal Regression for what we are experiencing.

  5. I had no interest at all in Saville, but. Somehow I heard him once briefly on the wireless discussing some religious stuff – cogent, he was, cogent. Rather impressive.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Patrick Harris – “Do me a favour some 84 year old who lost his marbles years ago has died and it’s front page news.”

    I don’t know if you know how this newspaper lark works. But they have a special section. It is called the Obituaries. There you may find quite a few people even older than 84 years. Many of whom lost, at least, some of their marbles before appearing. Virtually none of whom had done much lately.

    Yes, sometimes it may not be front page news, but we all want to know anyway. Those of us with attention spans longer than the average music video clip anyway.

    How about running along, there’s a good chap, and perhaps you may like to stick to the Red Tops, or maybe see if you can find some common decency on the way?

  7. Jimmy was an odd duck no doubt but he (and Top of the Pops ) forms part of the backdrop of my youth and many others too, I should think. That makes his passing note/newsworthy.

    I once saw him in person.

    I was driving thro’ the British countryside one summer and the cars in front started to pull into the side of the road as a bicycle race was heading in the opposite direction.

    A lot of bicyclists went past me and then a small open topped car followed into sight with a man standing up in the back gesturing greetings wildly to both sides of the road(there was no acclaiming crowd ,just a few drivers staring out of their car windows). It took me a couple of seconds but the track-suit and gold chains round his neck gave the clue and I recognised Jimmy Saville as he swept past in grand style.

    An eccentric indeed.

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