These people aren\’t going to get anywhere, are they?

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  1. Pure comedy gold - is their how to on running assemblies, including such nuggets as “Reminder of the gestures used in an Assembly and suggestions of how to express oneself verbally in concordance with the 15th May Movement style, as approved by the General Assembly.”
    Remember they are the 99%…

  2. One cannot “represent the 99%”, but one can only truly represent oneself.

    This meeting at least did not permit intimidation of the group into one way based upon loudness. So it is interesting in that it could not agree, for that is probably more honest. In a way I do not want to criticise the group harshly for being honest, open and transparent. Naive, maybe, but I am going to reserve my opinion on that for now until I have learnt more.

    It does appear to be a movement against something, not in favour of something. It is all very well saying “NO”, but what replaces it? Naturally “The Left” loves “NO”, for they wait, like a spider, to move in to that void when all are yabbering, to present “leadership” and “clarity”, and to then begin the delegitimisation of dissent.

  3. Sorry, but these idiots are no better than the Greeks protesting in Syntagma Sqaure in Athens.

    They are crying for the world to be different and wailing against reality.

    The world does not owe them a living and if their living standards are falling (or rather not rising as fast as their living costs), then they should feel some sympathy for the far east with whom they are being equalized.

    Oh dear! Does equality suck then?

  4. So a single ‘No’ can force them to stick to the agenda.

    On the one hand, as Roger says, it’s hard to feel particularly condescending towards a pressure group which is concerned for every member’s opinion. On the other hand, if they really think society at large can operate the basis that a single ‘No’ can force the rest of us to stop what we’re going, then (a) you can understand an awful lot of what they are wanting, and (b) you can understand why they’ll never get it.

  5. Why the hell are they repeating what he says like a primary school class?

    It’s because they’re being all inclusive and stuff and want everyone to hear. I read it started in New York because the protesters weren’t allowed to use microphones.

    It reminds me of some leftist blogs that slavishly provide transcripts and descriptions of every youtube/image that they put up on their blog as a way of being inclusive… in the process turning a relatively simple task (sharing a video or picture on your blog) into something much more time-consuming.

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